March 24, 2017

2:44am, 6-10-2021
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6:25am, 10-25-2021
Because you're operating without a visual, you'll have to invent one in the listener's mind. Start by giving your readers a clear picture of the story's setting: where does it take place? It's best to keep things simple. You can use a lot of words, but as previously stated, there isn't always enough time, therefore a single sound effect can guide your audience in the proper route. The location can then be clarified via a voice over. Take, for example, the sound of a door opening and a voice actor reading "Doctor..." Everyone will recognize that this story takes place in a medical office. Evoke a mental picture in your listener’s head. Sound can be used to create art. Get Among Us online here:

11:21am, 4-20-2023
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7:53pm, 6-14-2023
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